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Escola Básica Eugénio dos Santos

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Located in Lisbon, Agrupamento de Escolas Rainha Dona Leonor comprises a group of six schools designed for students of different age groups. Our mission is to provide purposeful education in a safe, supportive learning environment that promotes strong ethical compass, self-discipline and motivation to strive for distinctive quality in learning and community living.

Our 1947 founded secondary school aims at providing a service of high quality rooted in a cultural background of identity awareness and mutual respect, responsibility and accountability, framed by values and principles of excellence intended to enable students to question and face the challenges of the future.

A big question: What kind of Europe to dream of, to strive for?

Young people are expected to be given the opportunity to appreciate and reflect upon Europe’s past heritage on the one hand and to discuss current European affairs with experts on the other, while putting personal suggestions to work in shaping the future identity of a, we wish, caring, generous, accountable Europe. A continent with different beliefs and worldviews, with strong religious, ideological, cultural contrasts and also with clear economic imbalances must necessarily ensure that the different causes and voices are heard in the present and in the future whereas the rule of law is at the same time secured and fairly applied both to the common people and to the elites.

Cross-generational dialogue and the involvement of young people in online chats, in workshops, in international meetings where conflicting viewpoints, heterogeneous dreams and diverse hopes are represented, will hopefully contribute to the pursuit of a mosaic purpose, a shared responsibility in striving for the protection of the dignity of each human life, the respect for inalienable rights such as the freedom of thought, conscience, belief and expression but also the duty to limit the interference by the state in personal affairs, to fight crime, corruption and injustice. My Europe may be a helpful tool to create Our Europe.

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Contacto Sede:
Rua Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho - 1749-069 Lisboa

Tel: 218428880
Fax: 218470948

informações: informacoes@aerdl.eu
secretaria: secretaria@aerdl.eu